About us


The ANAX CAPITAL LTD is specialized in the area of precious metal trading, the cost efficient purchase and sale as well as its storage. Therewith you have a strong partner for the building of your precious metal deposit at your site.
Anax Capital LTD is stepping up in the digital world of blockchain, creating a utility tokens for the needs of its customers on the blockchain of WAVES. The name of the tokens will be


2. ACGT with ID  2fEjEatMPHD9Yxr585SW535pC2jiHLDsPF2A4Z8zm2gS

3. ANIT with ID E64xUvPfkNo5JacnAu4UtQW2PVGzZXwSJS3bncn4wxqH

Our service

With the help of the ANAX CAPITAL LTD it is possible for EVERYBODY to acquire precious metals easy and cost-efficient. We purchase and store the precious metals for you. With it we offer you different methods of payments in order to offer the acquisition of such stable precious metals to everyone who is interested. Please ask for deferred payments or single investments.


  • Convenient purchase and sales conditions
  • Storage of your precious metals in high security safes
  • Regular monthly purchase to stock up your capital
  • 24 hour keyword saved online access to your precious metal online deposit