There are many precious metal shops where you can buy precious metals online. Each time you have to order precious metals again, in order to have those delivered, which involves shipping costs. Then again you have to store the precious metals safe at your home. Plus – while buying silver you have to pay value-added tax.

If you want to resale your precious metals you have to send in those at your expense, have them checked in an authenticity check and will get your sales price only by then. This is bound to an enormous effort for you.

However Anax Capital LTD strives to reduce this effort to a minimum. That is why we do not run a shop for precious metals but offer the products through selected licensed partners.

The strategy

At Anax Capital LTD you can purchase the precious metals gold and silver (999,9) either in the whole gram or as the maximum possible ingot at institutional purchasing conditions.

The acquired precious metals will be stored in insured safes with the highest security level.

Silver and white metals can be purchased VAT free at Anax Capital LTD
as long as those can be stored in a tax free stock (e.g. in Switzerland).
Anax Capital LTD is committed to that you are able to purchase your precious metals with us in a comfortable way. If you wish we will store those for you and you may alienate those at the actual buying price at any time.

Anax Capital LTD is specialized in the purchase and resale of precious metals. At present Anax Capital LTD is the only supplier on the market who offers different buying options for precious metals.

You may choose either by

regular purchase

or by

unique purchase

building up your personal precious metal deposit optional with gold and/or silver
In addition you will fringe benefits for the purchase of physical precious metals at the Anax Capital LTD.