1. Quality of commodities

The Anax Capital LTD verifies you the authenticity of your purchased precious metals according to the general terms and conditions.Your precious metals do physically exist at 100 % in contrast to shares or bank capitals.

2. Safety of the storage

The Anax Capital LTD takes over the responsibility to store your precious metals in external high security safes by request.

3. Insurance of the precious metals

Your precious metals are insured against robbery and loss over the amount of the acquisition value at the date of purchase during transportation and storage.

4. Owner of the precious metals

You are the owner of the precious metals. The Anax Capital LTD stores the acquired precious metals separate from her own assets. By that you are saved against insolvency. Your purchased precious metals will be credited to your account and can be seen by you in your online deposit at all times. A delivery is permissible according to the general terms and conditions.

5. Application of funds control

An independent application of funds inspector does perform regular revisions and controls of the stocks so that an independent control of the business of the Anax Capital LTD especially with the protection of the interests of the customers is guaranteed at all times. Every customer receives a free of charge application of funds control contract. Anax Capital LTD gives the application of funds inspector insight into the actual and legal relations of the corporation at all times. The application of funds inspector makes a will about his/her results.