Order options

Your golden retirement provision

If you invest now in gold and/or silver you will profit from the rising value of the precious metals and you will secure your future. Purchase now your personal precious metal stock with the Anax Capital LTD. With that precious metal stock you will get a “golden security” which belongs exclusively to you, since neither government nor anyone else can access it. Your earnings from the sales of gold are even income tax free.

How best to invest

Like all purchasing decisions – the purchase of precious metal is as well depending on the price. If the price is low – higher amounts are being purchased with the same amount of money than if the price is high. On the long term customers may achieve better average courses and with that a higher capital by using market fluctuations.

Order options for the purchase of precious metals – an overview
You may stock up your precious metal deposit through either a regular monthly purchase starting by 50,00 € or by a single purchase of 2.500 €.

You are not bound to any duration but you determine your purchase by yourself.

Daily sale at the daily exchange rate possible (only trading days)

The buildup of a precious metal deposit is presently possible with gold and / or silver.

The purchase of gold is sales tax free, the purchase of silver is sales tax free if stored in our duty-free storage

With every purchase of precious metals at Anax Capital LTD you will earn payback points (according to the general terms and conditions)