Precious metal purchase in whole gram

Precious metal purchase in whole gram (“Rate A”)

Precious metal ingots are traded in the sizes (denomination) of 1 gram, 2,5 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 100 gram, 1000 gram and bigger.

The bigger the denomination the lower the price per gram of precious metal. This comes along with the “moulding costs” and is offered this way by all legitimate precious metal trades and banks.

According to your payments the biggest possible denominations of ingots will be put together, delivered or stored by request.

Do you prefer to purchase small grammes and become the exclusice owner of those? Then this buying option might be of interest for you.

You define the denomination through the rate and modality of your payments by purchasing quarterly instead of purchasing monthly. You may also indicate from which size denominations should be bought by request.

A credit, which results from due to that a smaller denomination is not available, will be reckoned up with the next purchase.

Example with an assumptive price for gold of 20 EUR for an ingot of 1 gram.

*= 30 €/g + 10 € previous close to subsequent month

You will find the available denominations including our up-to-date purchase and sales prices on our homepage under “price lists” which are being updated hourly.

Advantages of the purchase in whole grams

You may buy denomination of one gram with a saving of 5 %.
Anax Capital LTD will take back the from us purchased and stored precious metals at any time at the wholesale price (if applicable plus 5 % at a 1 gram denomination).

Precious metal – Saving plan with optional rate and mode of payment possible
You are the exclusive owner of the purchased ingot
A delivery within Europe from at least 100g gold / 5 kilo silver is free of charge.
Refund of the capital surplus. Depending on the circumstances the possibility is given after monthly payments of 9.000 EUR.
Tax free disposition of the precious metals after a holding period of 12 month.
Silver and other white metals are value-added tax free if they are stored in a duty free bonded warehouse. It derives an effect of tax deferral.
Security through storage in high security safes.

A part of the above mentioned advantages does only emerge after the payment of the agio. The above mentioned advantages emerge after you payed the one-time agio. The agio is being charged for one-time only at the beginning of the installment buying contract. Further agios are not being charged – independent from the duration, the amount of the purchase contract and its overall depth.