Precious metal saving plan

Precious metal saving plan

The Anax Capital LTD precious metal saving plan allows private buyers to buy physical gold and/or silver (999,9) at already 50 EUR a month.

With your monthly contributions physical real precious metals (gold/silver) are being purchased and if desired stored in a high-security stocks by the Anax Capital LTD.

The gold saving plan is an option to conventional products on the one hand and then again it does fit in every imaginable financial arrangement as a conservative addition.

Golden arguments for gold, which convince

Gold is running short and the demand is rising
Gold is crisis proof, lucrative and of value
Gold is value-added tax free as well as withholding tax free
Gold is a mobile real value
Gold is inflation proof
Gold is anonymous
Gold can be easily divided when being bequeathed

Physical gold (999,9) suits as
A liquidity reserve (Buying what you want – when you want it)
Precaution for your children (Education or at the start)
Precaution for spouses (partner supply in a crisis)
Precaution for your future (subsequent independence)

Independend from the price development of precious metals

A large number of indicators plead for that gold and other precious metals will have very good prospects. Experts are alerted to the rising prices for gold and silver next to a stable conservation of value. Then the precious metal price for gold /silver may eventually drop and so on. The price for the precious metals does play a tangential role in the Anax Capital LTD precious metal saving plan.

The precious metal saving plan offers you to build up your precious metal deposit to become a purely physical (999,9) precious metal fortune by monthly contributions – independent from the particular precious metal price for gold and silver.

Due to regular payments you will profit from the so called cost-average effect i.e. you will get more gold or silver for your steady saving amount even though the prices are declining!

If the precious metal prices for gold and silver are rising, less precious metals can be purchased with the same monthly contributions whilst more gold can be purchased if the precious metal prices are dropping.

Hence you are not so strongly exposed to the price fluctuations of precious metals.

In the end you will get an average purchase price for your payments since you decide about your monthly payments with the Anax Capital LTD precious metal saving plan and your precious-metal-online deposit precious-metal-online deposit is listed in grams.

Dynamic sampling is possible (can be deselected at any time)

By request the Anax Capital LTD makes it possible to regularly adjust your monthly rates by 3% or 5% per year in order to take a double effect on the loss of buying power.

No contract durations

At Anax Capital LTD you are not bound to any duration but you decide yourself about the duration and amount of payments.

You assign your buying patterns

You are able to change the amount of your payments at any time – or pause with the payments, sell parts of your precious metals or redeploy in other precious metals.

Different buying options

At Anax Capital LTD you have the option to choose “charges” which are customized to your individual needs. You decide which amounts of precious metals you would like to buy. Either if you choose to buy the largest possible amount of your precious metals (“Rate A”) or if you would like to profit from the sales price of the maximum possible ingots (“Rate B”).

Further advantages at a glance

100 % independent from a bank
Precious metal saving agreement with online-single deposit administration (no funds)
Buying benefit of precious metals normally 20 to 30 % compared with the price for a single gram
Refund of the acquisition fee is possible to 100 %
You personal, keyword safe access to your online precious metal deposit will keep you daily up-to-date about all transactions e.g. the updated statement of deposit, purchase price, units, purchased amounts etc.
Your purchased precious metal is 100 % real existing at all times
Absolute transparent cost structure (purchase and deposit administration)
Real storage in insured high security safes
Complete insurance for the entire storage time
A daily sale at the current purchase price of the Anax Capital LTD through your personal precious metal deposit is possible (only trading days)
Delivery already from 100g at any time by armored transport at any place. That means immediate access to your precious metals from 100g (smaller denomination from 1g by request)
Continuous additional application of funds control of the stocks

All facts which were mentioned previously make the Anax Capital LTD so interesting and valuable for customers.

Personal help desk on-side

The purchase of precious metals does not take place online. We prefer you being served – broad and in person – by our authorized licensed partners on-side.