Precious metal storage account

The Anax Capital LTD takes custody of your precious metals for you. The storage takes place in high security deposits in Switzerland. In this way you can avoid the risk of burglary and robbery which you have to face while keeping the precious metals at your own.

Anax Capital LTD will store the silver in duty-free deposits in Switzerland by request. Therefore you are able to purchase silver sales tax free and store it. Thus results an effect of tax deferral.

We offer you access to your precious metals at any time. Have your gold or silver delivered or dispose your capital through us. We will gladly submit you an offer. If you have your silver delivered you will be charged the legal sales tax of the particular country.

The Anax Capital LTD guarantees as a present supplier on the market a free of charge funds control through an independent funds control supervisor. The supervisor will regularly inform you about the up-to-date stocks.

Decide for the safest storage of your precious metal capital with your personal precious metal storage account at the Anax Capital LTD.