We deliver products of the following precious metal refineries:

Regarding our terms of business you will be able to purchase precious metals only by well-known partners and accredited precious metal refiners in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Dubai and Austria. Just by that, the proof of authenticity offered to you by Anax Capital LTD, can be obtained. Bullion are certified with numbers by the precious metal refineries.

Anax Capital LTD only deals with precious metals which were produced by the following precious metal refineries. Which of the precious metals we are about to sale and purchase depends on the availability on the market as well as the pricing for the time being.

Argor Hereaus

Argor Heraeus is a global acting technology and precious metal enterprise.

Global competence in precious and special metals
The best choice in the industrial precious metal and special metal business. The Argor Heraeus enterprise primarily processes the precious metals gold, silver and metals of the platin group into industrial products for the car – , semiconductor – , electronic – and medical industries. Beyond that Argor Heraeus is taking over an outstanding position in the international precious metal market.

Official site:

Coined bullion by Heraeus
Purity: 999,9 %


The Umicore-Group is the technology leader regarding precious metal.The business division Precious Metals Management of the Umicore enterprise is globally securing the supply of physical precious metals. Umicore is present on all continents and supplies customers and markets world-wide.

Coined bullion by Umicore
Purity: 999,9 %

Emirates Gold

Emirates Gold is the leading manufacturer of precious metals in the Mideast and the subcontinent based in Dubai. In 2008 Emirates Gold produced and delivered more than 400 barrels of gold. In 2009 Emirates Gold is expecting a further increase in the production of gold as well as a high rise in the in-house production of silver. The trademark of Emirates Gold for the precious metal bars is the Rose of Dubai.

Coined gold and silver bars by Emirates Gold
Purity: Gold 999,9 % / Silver 999,0 %

The Perth MINT Australia

Precious Metals Refinery

Consolidation of the industry in Australia has enabled The Perth Mint Refinery to streamline its operations and compete in national, regional and global markets with an enhanced suite of products and services.

The traditional activities of refining, manufacturing and sales are changing to meet new concepts of supply and service, and new ways of doing business. An innovative treasury is as important as refining efficiency, quality and turnaround times. Manufacture and design must anticipate market trends. Sales staff are no longer order takers but partners in building the bottom line of customers.

Gold Bars by The Perth Mint, 999,9%

Royal Canadian Mint

The Canadian Mint’s original refinery was completed in 1911. It rendered distinguished service to the British Empire throughout the Great War, producing the large quantities of gold bars with which Britain paid its debts to other countries.

A new refinery facility, designed to meet any possible demand for many years to come, was built in 1936 to refine gold for mines and central banks throughout the world. Still in operation today, the refinery has produced 9999 fine gold bars since 1969. In 1982, it became the world’s first refinery to produce 9999 fine gold bullion coins. Then in 1999, the Mint excelled again by being the first to achieve 99999 fine gold purity.

The Austrian Mint

Internationally renowned for its know-how in precious metal processing and coin production, the Austrian Mint is a global player in the international minting industry and ranks among the world’s leading mints.

As well as striking some of the world best-selling bullion coins and an impressive range of collector coins and medals, we supply circulation coins and blanks to many countries worldwide. But first and foremost our duty is to produce the Republic of Austria’s euro circulation coins.

With more than 800 years of coin-making experience, since 1988 the Austrian Mint has operated as a private company and is the sole manufacturer of coinage to the Austrian people. This we still do at our handsome home right in the centre of Vienna.

The majestic building occupies one of the most prestigious locations in the Austrian capital and, historic though it may be, behind its classic façade lies our state-of-the-art production plant. Here, centuries of craftsmanship and tradition combine with some of the world’s leading coin-making technology, much of it developed and innovated by our very own numismatic experts.

Owned in its entirety by the Austrian Central Bank, the Austrian Mint employs more than 200 people and produces some 450 million coins a year.

Austria Gold Bars 999,9%