Purchase of precious metals in the max. ingots

Purchase of precious metals in the maximum possible ingots
(“Rate B”)

The bigger an ingot of precious metal the lower the purchasing price per gram. With this purchasing option you may buy exclusivly at Anax Capital LTD physical precious metals in maximum possible ingots at convenient purchasing conditions with only 50 EUR per month (and upwards).

A small amount of precious metals may be purchased at a wholesale price of a 1000 grammes ingot of gold or 31,1 kilogram ingot of silver.

With this purchasing option cost savings of 20 up to 30 % can be achieved compared to the purchase of smaller denomination.

This purchasing option is of interest for you, if it is not important for you, that you are the exclusive owner of the ingots but rather would like to share the ingots with other customers.

Example with an assumptive price of gold of 22.000 EUR for the ingot of 1000 gram:

The result is a gram price of 22,00 €. For 100,00 € you will get 4,5454 grammes of gold.


Advantages at the purchase of the maximum possible ingots

Precious metal saving plan with an optional rate and payment method is possible
Anax Capital LTD will take back the from us purchased and stored precious metals at any time at the wholesale price.
Delivery possible from 250 grammes of gold / 50 kilo of silver. Smaller deliveries by request.
Silver and other white metals are value-added tax free if they are stored in a duty free bonded warehouse. It derives an effect of tax deferral.
Security through storage in high security safes.

The above mentioned advantages do emerge after the payment of the one-time agio.
The agio is being charged for one-time only at the beginning of the installment buying contract. Further agios are not being charged – independ from the duration, the amount of the purchase contract and its overall depth.