In its historical development the precious metal silver was often in the shadow of the shiny gold – then again occasionally excelled its development in value massive. For milleniums silver is processed worldwide in various forms and areas like e.g. as jewelry metal, coin metal as well as investment metal. The most common use of silver can be found as alloy with 7,5 % copper – the so called sterling silver, which is used for valuable cutlery services or other household appliances.

The price for silver will continue to increase.

Silver – as well as gold – belongs to the rarest precious metals in the world. It was brought to Europe in huge amounts by the Spanish in the Middle Ages, which implicated an enormous price reduction. Since then, silver has developed to become an irreplaceable industrial metal, whereby the price for that precious metal raised again. Silver is indispensable for modern electronics and the computer technology due to its unique physical characteristics. Meanwhile the demand for silver, especially as an industrial raw material, does surmount the supply.